Bosch Farms inducted into Hall of Fame

A surprise awaited Bob and Mary Bosch (left) at the Iowa Limousin Association Annual Dinner Nov. 17 in Ames. Announcement was made that their farming operation, Bosch Farms, was being inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Association President Brian Hait (right) had the pleasure of presenting his good friend and colleague the plaque.

    In 1980, Bob* and Mary Bosch bought their first Limousin heifer. The ribeye size of this animal led them to purchase their first Limousin bull in 1984 to put on four commercial cows. From there it only grew. Some of those heifers were the building blocks of what Bosch Farms has grown into today. Currently Bob and Mary have 100 purebred Limousin cows. They have participated in the Iowa Beef Expo for 26 years and started an annual production sale in 2005 that is hosted the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
    These are just some details Iowa Limousin Association President Brian Hait shared about the Indianola farm operation during the Association’s Annual Dinner Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018 in Ames when Bosch Farms was inducted into the Iowa Limousin Association Hall of Fame. The award was started in 2011 as a way to honor influential members of the Iowa Limousin Association.
    “This award is not given out every year,” says Hait. “We want to make sure this is an elite group of people that have done a great deal to influence the Limousin breed and the organization.”
    Saying Bob has been influential in the cattle community would be an understatement. He has served on the Heartland Limousin Association Board of Directors; been on the Iowa Limousin Association Board for 20 years, having served as president and vice president; and is currently serving on the executive board of the Iowa Beef Breeds Council. Don’t even ask him how many years he has been on the Warren County Fair Board and served as fair superintendent, because he can’t remember.
    “It has been a real source of pride to look at where we are today, knowing that we started with virtually nothing,” says Bob about their journey. “We sacrificed family vacations and other activities in order to pursue our dreams. But we gained much along the way. We have made countless friends throughout the country. Raising cattle has certainly become a way of life for us – not just a way to make a living. A wise man, Andy Rest from NALF (North American Limousin Foundation), once told me that the Seedstock business is really a people business. Many people can raise good cattle, but it is the relationships that you make that will determine your success. We have truly discovered how true those words are!”
    They consider their Limousin friends almost part of the family, vacationing on several cruises and enjoying ISU games together. They even admit to buying tickets from a benefit auction three years in a row, just so they can spend the night playing cards after the game.

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