Cast is set for "The Music Man"

“The Music Man is off to a rousing start with some powerhouse auditions on May 30,” says Director Dave Larsen. “Just about 40 performers auditioned for this summer’s Ogden Community Theatre musical. We are still in need of some singers and dancers to fill out our River City community. We are looking for the 30 to 60 age group as well as a few younger children, and some younger dancers to round out our tremendous cast.”  

The first two chorus rehearsals will be held Sunday, June 11 and Tuesday, June 13 if you would like to join them.  Following is the 2017 Music Man cast of characters:

Travelling Salesmen

#1. C.J. Buck

#2 Bryce Stevens

#3 Zach Cue

#4 Ethan Haberer

#5 Austin Bebb


Charlie Cowell: Andrew Stumbo

Conductor: Joe Sells

Harold Hill: Michael Huey-Jones

Mayor Shinn - yet to be determined

Ewart Dunlop: Zane Satre

Oliver Hix: David Larsen

Jacey Squires: Jared Wilson

Olin Britt: Zachary Britton

Marcellus Washburn: J. C. Fuller

Tommy Djilas: Patrick Glenn

Marian Paroo: Hannah Huey-Jones

Mrs. Paroo:  Jan Jensen

Amaryllis: Allie Buxton

Winthrop Paroo: Dylan Busta

Eulalie M. Shinn: Amy Keenan

Zaneeta Shinn: Anna Clark

Gracie Shinn: Liza Cue

Alma Hix: Emily Kallem

Maud Dunlop:  Kennedy Hiles

Ethel Toffelmier: Josie Clark

Mrs. Squires: Michelle Woodall

Constable Lock: C.J. Buck