Champion placings in the horse division

Lydia Longhorn, Bluff Creek Wranglers, was one of the champions at the Boone County Fair horse show. -Photo by ISU Extension

Carter Baumgardner, Green Clovers: Senior Pole Bending, Open Ribbon Race

Emily Baumgardner, Green Clovers: Intermediate Pole Bending

Hailey Beckett, Town & Country Pioneers: Senior Walk-Trot Kayla Beckett, Town & Country Pioneers: Intermediate Bareback Equitation, Intermediate Walk-Trot, Intermediate Western Pleasure, Intermediate Western Horsemanship

Hannah Derry, Town & Country Pioneers: Junior Trail, Junior Bareback Equitation, Junior Western Pleasure, Junior Western Horsemanship, Junior Pole Bending

Parker Garcia, Boxholm Blazers: Horse King

Caroline Harwood, Madrid Merry Makers: Horse Queen Attendant, Intermediate Showmanship, Champion Western Mare at Halter, Reserve Champion Western Gelding at Halter, Intermediate Egg & Spoon

Jaydan Jeppesen, Horse Interest Club: Horse or Pony Cart

Gabe Lamasters, People’s Guys & Gals: Senior Barrel Racing, Open Ribbon Race, Senior Pick-Up , Senior Keyhole

Lydia Longhorn, Bluff Creek Wranglers: Junior Walk-Trot, Junior Egg & Spoon, Junior Boot Race, Junior Keyhole

Regan McClure, Luther Livewires: Champion Draft Type at Halter, Intermediate Trail, Costume - Mounted, Tandem Bareback, Intermediate Ranch Horse, Pleasure, Pony Pleasure, Intermediate Keyhole

Kenna Redies, Luther Livewires: Senior Ranch Horse Pleasure

Brooke Schmidt, Town & Country Pioneers, Reserve Champion Western Mare at Halter , Senior Trail , Tandem Bareback, Senior Bareback Equitation, Senior Western Pleasure, Open English Pleasure, Open English Equitation, Senior Egg & Spoon

Autumn Sharp: Town & Country Pioneers: Costume - In Hand

Josie Springer, Madrid Merry Makers: Intermediate Barrel Racing, Intermediate Boot Race

Samantha Springer, Madrid Merry Makers: Junior Barrel Racing

Jordan Stephens, Town & Country Pioneers: Senior Pick-Up

Geralyn Timm, Madrid Merry Makers: Senior Showmanship, Senior Western Horsemanship

Makenzie Weyhrich, Luther Livewires: Horse Queen, In Hand Trail

Jasmine Williams, Horse Interest Club: 2 & 3 Year Old Western Pleasure

Jaydon Williams, Green Clovers: Senior Boot Race

Alex Wilson, Westside Hustlers: Reserve Champion Pony at Halter, Champion Western Gelding at Halter

Anna Wilson, Westside Hustlers, Junior Showmanship, Champion Pony at Halter