CUMC celebrates 150 years

Community United Methodist Church in Ogden is 150 years old - 1868 to 2018 - and the congregation will be celebrating for the next three weeks.

This Sunday’s 10 a.m. worship service will include history highlights. All are invited to a cake reception following, in the courtyard.

History highlights will continue during the next two Sunday services. 

Sunday, Nov. 11 the bell choir will have a presentation. The church’s Harvest of Blessings Dinner will be served at 11 a.m.


CUMC through the years

Among the very earliest settlers in the vicinity of Ogden were the Methodist circuit riders who rode up and down the Missouri River Valley performing ministerial services in cabins, school house, in settlements and at firesides.

As the first settlers arrived in Ogden, the circuit rider stopped here, and so eager were they to have a place to hold services that they held them in the only place available - in the “Bon Ton” or Matz building that housed a saloon.

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