Don Williams welcomes Q Humphrey as clubhouse concessionaire

Q Humphrey believes two things: Don Williams Clubhouse is a hidden gem, and his food is good enough to get you there.

A 50-something Iowa transplant, Humphrey was born in Dallas, Texas, but has spent the majority of his life and time honing his cooking skills in Minnesota. “I’m a city boy, but it doesn’t take long after getting here to figure out, this is where it’s at,” Humphrey says as he gestures toward the outdoors.

Humphrey is a self-described ‘foodie’ and has had his LLC, Q Pits Smoked Meats, since 2011. But his cooking began years ago, during his childhood where he said he grew up learning to cook for himself.

“I was raised during a time when if you wanted something to eat, you had to make it yourself,” he explains. “It started there and I became more creative through the years.”

After falling in love with cooking, Humphrey says it took him a long time to take the next step and actually go into the business of selling his food.

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