DW Park - a precious commodity

Don Williams Recreation Area has three log cabins for rental.

“The philosophy for parks 20 to 30 years ago was mostly about recreation,” stated Boone County Conservation Director Tanner Scheuermann, “Whereas today we are trying to find a balance between recreation, natural resourcesmanagement and conservation.” 

Don Williams Recreation Area is one of nine parks, wildlife areas, and trails that Scheuermann and his staff of five full-time employees and five seasonal workers oversee throughout the county. Scheuermann has been in the director’s position for about one year now. He previously served as Operations Manager for two years previously.

“Don Williams Park has a special place in my heart,” says Scheuermann who in his youth would often go there with his family. “I enjoy my job everyday.” 

  Eric Fisher is his operations manager. Steve Nugteren is the county’s Park Ranger and natural resource employee. Boone County Naturalist Katie Healy, who coordinates summer day camps June, July and August as well as other activities, is also certified as a park ranger. A calendar of events is posted online at mycountyparks.com. 

Roger Zimmer has been golf course superintendent the past 25 years and Scheuermann feels he has done a fantastic job there.

The seasonal employees, are floaters, working on the golf course, doing grounds maintenance or assisting the park rangers.

The 650-acre park was named after a pioneer for county conservation boards across Iowa, Don Williams, who was also an original member of the Boone County Conservation Board.

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