Evaluating Ogden's housing needs

Just what are Ogden’s housing needs?

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Community Economic Development shared results of Ogden’s Housing Needs Assessment during two town hall events Monday, Jan. 28 at the Leonard Good Community Center.

Abbie Gaffey, ISUEO Community Economic Development Program Specialist presented data collected about community demographics, Ogden’s economy, the condition of existing housing, the housing finance market and the economic impact of housing and services for senior citizens. These are the things they look at, she said when modeling for housing construction.

In addition to population by age group, the study keyed on the median family incomes as housing is determined by household income. Data shows that Ogden’s median income is $69,489. The local housing formation is 2.43 people per house. Over 77% of the homes are owner-occupied.

Gaffey pointed out one stat that stood out to her: the 48% increase in vacancies from 2010-2015, and talked about possible reasons for this increase.

The study also shows a big bulk of the housing in Ogden was built between 1970 and 1979. 

“In forty to fifty-year-old homes, most of the major systems are needing replaced,” she said. These are homes she feels may be suitable for rehabilitation programs.

Read more in the Feb. 7 issue of The Ogden Reporter.