Hometown girl takes over chiropractic office

Dr. Brad Poock, DC, attends the graduation of his protege, now a Doctor of Chiropractic herself, Aubrey Hunter, who recently purchased his Ogden Family Chiropractic business.  -Photo provided

    Although the name on the “shingle” at Ogden Family Chiropractic has changed, Dr. Brad Poock is confident the quality of care patients have come to know and expect will remain the same.
    Aubrey Hunter remembers vividly the day Dr. Brad Poock, the local chiropractor, came and spoke to her eighth grade class for Career Day.
    “After listening to him discuss his profession, I became fascinated by the way chiropractors have the ability to affect the body,” she says. As she continued through school her interest in the chiropractic field  only grew.
    Especially after job shadowing and the help she received as a patient. “He kept my body functioning properly throughout high school athletics, as I dove for volleyballs, swung golf clubs and slid into bases. As I went through high school and college he was always open to any questions and gave great advice every step of the way.”        
    Following her graduation from Ogden High School in 2012, Hunter attended the University of Northern Iowa where she received her Bachelor’s degree in biology. From there it was on to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport.

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