Howe Elementary closes doors after 64 years of educating Ogden youth

Howe Elementary finished its final year of educating students on May 30. Over the last six and a half decades, Howe Elementary has educated hundreds of children from Ogden and the surrounding areas. Children who have grown up to be doctors, farmers, lawyers, and all other sorts of professions have all started their days at Howe.

Many residents who attended Howe, such as Sandy Hanson and Jim Haberer, remember what it was like to attend Howe back in its early days. Starting in the fall of 1956, their class was only the second to attend elementary school all the way through the new-at-the-time school.

“I remember that old building was just scary looking,” Haberer laughed. “To a kid, you know. When they built Howe and all us kids found out we’d be going there instead, we thought ‘hey, that might be alright.’”

Hanson and Haberer attended Howe when it was still a kindergarten through fifth grade elementary. Funding was raised in the years following to build an addition to house sixth grade students, in an effort to combine all students to one school.

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