Kennedy's making a splash

Swimming is a unique high school sport in that schools are not divided into classes, so Boone swimmers were going up against some of the largest schools in Iowa at the state-qualifying regional meet.  -Photo provided

It’s hard to imagine that Lauren Kennedy, at one time, didn’t even like the water. Then her middle school friends talked her into being on a summer swim team. Now she can’t get enough of it.
    “I loved it, but they eventually dwindled out,” says Kennedy. Maybe it was the rigors of practicing twice daily, in the morning and after school, that influenced their decisions to give it up. Some according to Kennedy, were more interested in playing volleyball when they started junior high.
    But Kennedy stayed the course and this year, the junior at Ogden High School along with her Boone teammates, qualified for the state swimming meet Saturday, Nov. 3 in Marshalltown.
    Per a sports sharing agreement with Boone and Ogden, Ogden students are able to compete on Boone swim teams.
    Although she is currently the only local swimmer, she says she doesn’t feel like an outsider. “The swim team is like my second family. I thought it was nice how they accepted an Ogden person into their sport.”
    She says she wouldn’t mind having others join her, though. “I always joke with the boys about going out, but they just laugh and say, ‘why would we do that.’”

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