Local couple participates in car tour

Vintage electric cars on display at the Dave and Leone Junck farm.

The Vintage Electric Car tour was held in Iowa this year, August 19-22. Tour members came from Nebraska, Kansas, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, one car from each state.  The tour was planned and directed by David and Leone Junck who have a 1920 Detroit Electric.  Visitors stayed in Boone and the car trailers were kept at the Junck farm.

Driving distance always included time to charge the batteries; every forty miles they need charging. Yes, we had a pick-up with a generator for charging. Charging requirements changed 

with the age of the batteries and the type of charger. The noon stop allowed time for this task.

Traveling along at 20 mph, one sees the countryside in a much more detailed way.  That’s how fast the vintage electric cars travel.  Sections of the early Lincoln Highway were traveled.

Members especially enjoyed the PrISUm Solar Electric car at Iowa State University along with the Atanasoff-Berry Computer signage information, and the Messerschmitt Me 262 jet engine.

Read more in the Sept. 26 issue of The Ogden Reporter.