Middle school students learn more than science in recent science bowl competition

If you have chatted with Amy Keenan about her job as middle school science teacher in Ogden you have heard her passion for working with students. That same enthusiasm jumps out when she talks about her students’ recent science bowl competition.

She will tell you how immensely proud she is of her students, their dedication, hard work in the months of preparation prior to contest and the sacrifice they made, doing something above and beyond the normal school day.

Looking for the right career path

To understand Keenan’s excitement and pride in her students you need to look back a few years to Amy, the Ogden graduate.

“I had always been an introvert but liked math and science,” she tells. “But I had the best of the best in terms of instructors. Gaile Carlson and John Emerson, both who have passed away, gave me the confidence I didn’t think I had.”

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