New subdivision on former mobile home park east of town

Map showing the size and location of lots. The new subdivision is located next to Lincoln Homes along Hwy. 30.

February of last year, when Curt Erickson took ownership of Country Aire Mobile Home Park east of Ogden just off of Hwy. 30, the 62-capacity park had just 20 occupied homes. His intentions were to keep the park and make improvements. But upon learning that the 40-year-old lagoon was inadequate and not in compliance with the DNR, he made the tough decision of closing down the park. 

He spent most of last summer assisting tenants in relocating. The park officially discontinued operation June 1, 2016. 

Erickson, who owns and operates Lincoln Homes, a business that sits adjacent to the former mobile home park, saw an opportunity. His vision was to develop a housing subdivision on the site. After having the property surveyed and the abstract updated, the property was rezoned to residential - which was a long process according to Erickson. 

Read more in the April 19 issue of The Ogden Reporter.