New teachers in Ogden School District

Reed Smith

Reed Smith joins Ogden High School as a second year teacher tasked with teaching business. His classes focus on workplace readiness, interview preparedness, professional communication, and teamwork. He will also teach accounting classes that teach the ins and outs of business and personal finance.

Jared Adreon

Jared Adreon will be the new physical education teacher at Ogden Elementary. Born and raised in Ogden, Adreon was inspired by teachers he had throughout his life and decided to pursue a career in education as well. Graduating from Iowa State in May, this will be his first year teaching, and he is elated that he was able to end up back in the community that raised him.

Katelyn Anderson

Katelyn Anderson joins Ogden not only as a new teacher, but will be piloting an entirely new agriculture program as well. A second year teacher, Anderson spent her first year teaching the same content at West Hancock in Brit. After having a great high school agriculture teacher coupled with her passion for ag and FFA, Anderson laughs that she was “pushed into” the field she chose, but could not be happier following a path that feels tailor made.

Sarah Mesenbrink

Sarah Mesenbrink is a first year kindergarten teacher at the new Ogden Elementary. Originally from Gilbert, Mesenbrink now resides in Story City with her husband Logan. She ventured down the path of education after being heavily impacted by great teachers throughout her life, and knew that she wanted to have the same role in her future student’s lives as well.

Colton Brouwer

Colton Brouwer will be Ogden’s new middle school counselor. He will work part time in Madrid, making a difference in student’s lives there as well. Brouwer is from Parkersburg, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University. Afterward, he competed a masters program at the University of Iowa, and will take on Ogden as a first year counselor. Throughout life he had known that he wanted to work with kids, so when he decided on a career in counseling, it seemed like the perfect fit.

Grace Zihlman

Grace Zihlman will take over as the elementary music teacher for her first year teaching. After graduating from high school in Carlisle, Zihlman attended Iowa State University earning her degree in K-12 Instrumental Music Education. As a child, she took piano lessons from her aunt who was also a choir teacher, involving her with music education almost all her life. When she attended school, she planned on majoring in a science field before finding it wasn’t something she enjoyed and decided to redirect herself toward education.

Hallie Wells

Hallie Wells returns to Ogden this year as the Center for Academic Performance and Success (CAPS) counselor. Her job will be to work with kids who may be in need of extra guidance and dropout prevention. Previously, she was the middle school counselor that was shared with Madrid, a position filled by Colton Brouwer this year. Wells is originally from Estherville, but currently resides in Waukee with her two daughters, Milana and Finley. She describes herself as a life-long learner who always wanted to work with kids. After teaching a few years in the early 2000s, Wells took a break in order to raise her own children at home. Her drive for education never faded though, and she decided to return to school in order to earn her Masters in School and Mental Health Counseling.

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