Northern replaces pipeline

    By the end of September the only tell tale signs remaining of the gas company’s project will be a temporary scar stretching across the county, the result of crops stripped out during the construction process.

Northern Natural Gas Company, as part of their B-line Capacity Replacement Project, began stringing pipe July 27, 2017. The project is scheduled for completion September 28, 2017.

According to Northern Natural Gas Company spokesman Mike Loeffler, the company is constructing two segments of natural gas pipeline in Boone and Polk counties to replace pipeline capacity lost from Northern’s voluntary reduction of operating pressure on certain older pipeline segments.

The first segment, he says, includes approximately 11.2 miles of 20” diameter pipeline loop beginning at Northern’s existing Ogden compressor station and extending to 310th Street in Boone county. 


    The second segment includes installation of approximately 2.6 miles of pipeline beginning at the existing Royal Estates reducing station and extending to its town’s border station in Polk County.