Ogden’s Levi family plays major roles in the premiere of “Kate Shelley’s Bridge” musical

Tirzah Levi (Ben), Christopher Levi (announcer/assistant director), Johanna Levi (Kate), and Gershom Levi (composer).

Although Ogden might not have played as large a part as Moingona in Kate Shelley saving Boone County train passengers on July 6, 1881, the 138th anniversary musical tribute to the teen’s heroism comes, in part, from Ogden’s Levi Family. The play, set for Ogden’s Battin Chapel this July 13 at 1 p.m., will showcase the talents of Gershom, Johanna, Tirzah, Mishelle, and Christopher Levi.

The musical tells the story of Kate Shelley and her heroic acts that took place so long ago. The Levi’s are happy to share her story in their family production.

A composer, Gershom will be showcasing musical talents during the performances, serving as director of the play’s pit orchestra.

Other Levi family members have a substantial stake in the production. Mishelle Levi (Gershom’s mother) serves as director-producer. She’s in charge of daughter Johanna Levi, too, who shares the starring role of Kate with Boone’s Carlee Carpenter.

"My family walked the trail where the tracks used to be between the Moingona station and the Des Moines River," said Johanna. "It would have been scary to run along the tracks in the middle of the night in a storm with no light and crossing the river would have been even more terrifying."

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