Ogden High School students compete at Science Bowl

Five Ogden High School students, Alex Bebb, Edward Chumbley, Levi Russo, Jordan King and Linden Seeger were among Iowa’s top science and math students who competed on Jan. 25 in an intense question and answer competition in the 30th annual Ames Laboratory/ Iowa State University Regional High School Science Bowl.

The Ogden team joined other high school teams throughout the region in competing to answer questions that tested their knowledge of biology, chemistry, earth and space science, energy, mathematics and physics in the quiz-bowl format competition. Somewhat like in the popular quiz-show Jeopardy, competitors have buzzers to press to answer questions. The competition started with a round robin, and then the top 16 teams competed in a double-elimination match before the championship round.

“We were placed in a pretty tough round robin group. We competed against Central Academy DSM, Waukee and Cedar Falls,” said Ogden High School Science Teacher John Fuller.

The Ogden team finished 0-3 for the day and didn’t qualify for the knock out rounds. “In each head to head match, we answered almost the same number of toss up questions. It was the bonus questions that made the difference,” Fuller said. “Very proud of our team and how they performed,” Fuller said.

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