Ogden Legion celebrates 100 years, seeks new members

The Ogden chapter of the American Legion is celebrating the past while looking to the future in 2019.

Doug Stumbo, the current adjutant and a veteran who served during the Vietnam era, is seeking to rejuvenate the group and recruit younger members as numbers have dipped in recent years. He’s been a Legionnaire for 30 years.

“We’re trying to build it back up and get things going again. We’re in the process of getting things going again,” Stumbo said. “We’re going to keep at it and see if we can get it built up.”

At the moment, there are 13 members, and most of them served in World War II, Vietnam and Korea, with one Grenada veteran. They’re meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at the McGraw Center, and Stumbo and new commander Jim Haberer are exploring ways to increase their community involvement and outreach to other veterans who aren’t currently active in the group.

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