Ogden Night

Eighty-three community members attended Ogden Legacy’s Annual Meeting, “Ogden Night” on March 3, 2020 at the Leonard Good Community Center. After a 45-minute social, President Craig Christensen led off the event with news of an official grocery store exploration. Expressing that the main goal between the Legacy and the city is to have a grocery store back in town immediately, Christensen stated he and members of a small committee have met with around 10 communities about the key factors of sustaining a grocery store in a small town.

Pam Dodge followed by expressing gratitude to the community for their ongoing support as they’ve restructured and continue to adapt to the facility changes. She announced plans of an auxiliary gym that will provide the students with a weight room attached to the building as well as another gym to practice in. Move in is set for March 2021. Dodge also mentioned discussion about the drainage issues at the Middle/High School as well as the future of Howe Elementary School. With help from the city, the School Board is exploring ways for the facility to serve Ogden in the years to come. Brian Reimers enlightened listeners that the City Council is hard at work making necessary changes and updates to the community. The $6.1M sewer project was finished in 2019 and there is now a new project underway nearby thanks to a $500,000 grant going towards the Beaver Creek Reclamation project that will be placed at the end of West Walnut Street. This project will be a great benefit for our community taking the dirty water that runs down West Walnut street and turn it into clean water. This will also be a great educational tool for our students in our district.

The crowd really tuned in when Reimers announced that a new Casey’s is coming to town. Casey’s Inc. purchased the Huntley and Mitchels property on East Veterans Dr. in January of this year and plans to build a 5,000 square foot store with diesel pumps as well as 12 regular fuel pumps.

A few other things Reimers touched on was the City’s budget. The Council has agreed to give $30,000 to the Legacy’s Housing Committee to help strengthen new housing opportunities in our community. There are also plans to put $25,000 into a potential grocery store project. He also noted that Phase 2 of the street lighting project was about to begin, as well as some street repairs.

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