Ogden Reporter celebrates 145 years

The Ogden Reporter is celebrating its 145th year of delivering news to Ogden and the surrounding area of Boone County. To commemorate this milestone, please enjoy this special of edition of the Ogden Reporter – featuring our original header and theme from 1874.

Telling stories of witchcraft and up-and-coming experimental surgeries, the very first Ogden Reporter was published Saturday, June 5, 1874. Newspapers had been around for almost two centuries by then – with the first U.S. paper being published around 1690 – so it was safe to say that the Ogden community had been eagerly awaiting their own hub for local news for some time. For 145 years now, the Ogden Reporter has kept residents informed of all things Ogden.

Today, two staff members, Corinne Wetzel and Miranda Parker, who both have a passion for print and local news, run the Ogden Reporter. However, they are only one piece of the equation as the Reporter wouldn’t be possible without the community. For this, we at the Ogden Reporter extend our thanks to everyone who has helped to make this possible. We can’t wait to continue to bring you Ogden news in an interesting and timely fashion for years to come.

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