Ogden Telephone is expanding service

Jim Heckman, Ogden Telephone Company General Manager

Ogden Telephone Company’s fiber optic line that is expected to be connected sometime this winter will have a dual purpose. The redundant line will not only serve as a backup system through Boone to Ames where it connects with the main provider Aueron, but gives the company an opportunity to offer fiber optic service to Boone.

“As we started construction, and the more we looked at it, we saw the opportunity,” says Ogden Telephone Company General Manager Jim Heckman. “We had a lot of folks ask if our plans were to be in Boone. We began looking  at the numbers and thought it would be a good fit for us.”

Hooking up the communities of Moingona, Noble Hills and Honey Creek was in the original plan and Heckman says that should be completed this fall. 

Construction has begun on a building at the corner of Kate Shelley and SE Linn Street in Boone. This facility will not only serve as a hub to centralize the fibers but will provide additional space to handle the electronics.

Even with the new building, Heckmans says the main offices will always remain in Ogden.