Ogden working on clean water project

Construction begins this week on a new development in Ogden that will help clean up Iowa's waters. The City of Ogden is breaking grounds on a new clean water project to accompany the city's recent wastewater treatment plant upgrades.

"The way it came about is that we had to upgrade our wastewater plant," said Wastewater Superintendent Chad Thede.

"In that process we applied for funds to finance the wastewater project through the state revolving fund."

When securing funds for the recent $4.9 million wastewater treatment plant, Thede was made aware of an incentive program that offered a grant funds for related clean water projects.

"If you borrow money for a wastewater project form the state revolving fund, they will give you a 10% forgivable grant back towards your project," said Thede.

Thus, the $4.9 million wastewater upgrades allowed the city to apply for $490,000 to go towards a second project that would positively impact the receiving stream.

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