OHS students reflect on their experience working at the Ogden Reporter for a day

High school sophomores Hannah Salati (left) and Claire Smith (right) spent last Monday "job shadowing" at the Ogden Reporter. Both girls are interested in pursing future careers in journalism and wanted to get a more hands-on feel for what it's like to work in the industry. 

From Claire Smith

On March 25 I spent the day with my classmate, Hannah Salati, job shadowing at The Ogden Reporter. Experiencing what goes into the weekly news was an incredible, eye opening opportunity. The two individuals behind the paper are Corinne Wetzel, as editor, and Miranda Parker, as marketing and sales. However, their roles in the company go much deeper. So much falls on their shoulders in order to ensure that they produce the best newspaper possible.

Our day included getting to participate in an interview, helping look through old articles, and, of course, a multitude of questions. We discussed some of the challenges they face and learned the backstory of how they became interested in communications. Both of them agreed that one of the best parts of the business was the initial brainstorm of ideas at the beginning of the week that leads to seeing that vision come to life when published.

From Hannah Salati

As a sophomore at Ogden High School, perhaps the most important project we get to do in our English class is job shadowing. It’s a fun assignment, but it comes with a fair amount of stress. You have to decide what types of careers you’re interested in, and you have to actually socialize with people. This ladder step does not come easy to many of us. So, naturally, I was overjoyed at how easy it was to communicate with Corinne Wetzel and Miranda Parker - which, in hindsight should’ve been expected as communication is a major part of their everyday lives.

At first glance, the rich history of the Ogden Reporter is invisible to those who aren’t looking for it. There’s something enchanting, though, about a place that has broadcasted news to so many people for more than a hundred years. I was honored to participate in even a single day of a news organization that has been a part of this community since 1874.

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