OTC expands fiber optic service to Boone

OTC Board member Craig Heineman does the ribbon cutting honors.  -Ogden Reporter photos by Kathy Pierce

    Ogden Telephone Company is finishing up its new 7,000 square foot facility located at Kate Shelley and SE Linn Street in Boone. The building will serve as a hub to centralize fibers and provide additional space to handle the electronics (routers, servers, drivers) involved with the telephone company’s expansion of fiber optic service to the Boone area.
    According to Ogden Telephone Company General Manager Jim Heckman, the facility will basically mirror what they currently have in Ogden.
    Telephone Company board members joined Boone County Chamber in a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday, Nov. 20. 
    Last year, as a backup system, Ogden Telephone ran a redundant fiber optic line through Boone to Ames were it connected with the main provider, Aureon. That line provided an opportunity to offer fiber optic service to Boone. The communities of Moingona, Noble Hills and Honey Creek had already been hooked up.
    In a few weeks, Heckman says they will begin running fiber optic to customers’ homes in the southeast corner of the city.
    Two customer service representatives will be on-site at the Boone location. Technicians will be housed in Ogden and will roll over to Boone as needed.