Questers host third graders at Hickory Grove School

Mary Ellen Carlson shares some Ogden history. -Photo by Shannon Wirtz

Wm. B. Ogden Questers Chapter #1247 held their annual “School Day” for Ogden’s third graders Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017 at the Hickory Grove one-room school east of Ogden. The teachers, Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Halbur, got off the school bus with 42 eager students at 9 a.m. The school cooks had been saving gallon cans that contained food from the hot lunch program so each student brought a recycled can for their cold lunch, typical of what students had when they attended a one-room school years ago. The school bell rang and everyone gathered around the flag pole to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The day was planned and organized by a former teacher, Janet Tryon.

Once inside, the students were welcomed by Miss Hickory Grove - the “school marm” played by Margo Hodges, and listened to several Questers tell about the teacher’s duties that she did each school day such as bringing in the filled coal bucket to start the fire in the pot-bellied stove, getting a fresh pail of water from the pump outside, and using a common dipper for everyone to use, clean the slate boards and erasers, sweep the floor (with the corn-broom donated by Shannon Bardole), dusting school desks, and the list goes on.

The students practiced articulation and public speaking, penmanship, and enjoyed a spelling bee contest. Then they were divided into two groups: group one stayed inside for the morning session and class room subjects; the second group went outside for recess games such as “Annie, Annie Over” and a tour of the train depot (that was moved from Berkley, IA) and viewing a most interesting display and collection of Marva J. Stark’s bird nests. Everyone settled into eating their goodies from a lunch pail they brought from home.

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