School bond issue is top story for 2017

Conceptual plan for new high school addition that will house sixth through eighth graders.

Top five stories of the year

Ogden Community School District held a special election at the Leonard A. Good Library that would have a huge impact on the local school. The Board of Directors was asking permission to access low interest funding through a tax levy for a school facility project that involves closing the elementary building, renovating the current middle school into a K-5 building, and constructing a cost-efficient sixth through eighth grade addition to the high school.

Voters approved the bond referendum  and Ogden Community School District began moving forward with its planned facilities project. Over 71% voted in favor of the referendum. Passage required a 60% majority. 

Lighting up the marquee

Not only was the marquee of McGraw Senior Center (formerly Ogden Theatre) repaired and stabilized, it now boasts a full color electronic light messaging center. The massive community undertaking, headed by Jerry Stumbo, president of the Senior Center, was just over 84% funded by May. McGraw Senior Center’s signature project came to fruition, just in time for the Ogden Fun Days celebration. The project grew to include a T-sign above. A generous family donation allowed McGraw Center to replace their front door. Final touches to the exterior will take place in 2018.

Construction of wind farm draws controversy

On a 4 to one vote Feb. 21, the Boone County Board of Adjustment approved a Conditional Use permit to allow for the construction of a 170 megawatt wind farm project to be located in both Boone and Greene Counties. Amid controversy, the permit was granted and by year’s end, the project was near completion, with a total of 85 wind turbines up and operational.

Ogden is awarded a block grant

In April, the City of Ogden was awarded a Community Development Block grant in the amount not to exceed $500,000. It would be applied for upgrades to the new wastewater treatment center.

OHS senior trip will continue

What ‘could have been’ is probably a much larger story had those in charge not found a solution when the year senior trip was in jeopardy of coming to an end due to a state regulation. Retired school teacher/athletic director Brian Reimers, who took over for Stan Friesen after his passing in 2011, initiated establishment of a new 501(c)(3) organization that would oversee the trip, instead of the school. The senior trip has now been officially named the Stan Friesen Senior Class Trip in honor of the principal who took the first group of seniors to Washington, D.C. and established a tradition that continues 45 years later.

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