Searching for bargains

Baby and children’s items are always a big hit. Ogden held its City-Wide Garage sale June 9 and 10. -Reporter photo by Kathy Pierce

There’s always something for everyone at a garage sale I think! I started my garage sale career young as my grandma lives and breathes the season!  Thanks to my good friend, and new mom, Bailee, who took time out of her busy new life to help this crazy lady prepare for the garage sale of the decade, we got it done. We had everything from grandpa’s old wolf plates that I’m sure he had forgotten about long ago, to my several different wall hangings I bought knowing I didn’t have the wall space for them! Oh, and don’t forget those really expensive accent chairs I absolutely had to have for my new house that one day I just decided I didn’t want anymore. 

We had it all. And by the time garage sale day I came I couldn’t wait for it to all be over. Yes, garage sales are a lot of work, but I must say it was all worth it for me when I watched a young boy’s face light up when his mom said he could take home my old TV chair or how we remember it “Grant’s chair” as that was always his spot when we watched countless Iowa State basketball games at the Wirtz ranch growing up. I, of course, was a little nostalgic but I quickly got over it when his mom handed me the $3.00.