Siblings fulfill wish of overseas trip

What started as childhood stories related by their dad evolved into a llong-awaitedtrip to the country of Oman by Rosie Wurpts and her brother, Gordon Nyhof. Gordon, in particular, remembered his dad, a pastor, who told the children about the country and the missionary work. Their church, along with others, donated money to Oman for construction of hospitals. Those hospitals are now government-owned. When the opportunity came for Rosie and Gordon to join a group of five other couples traveling there they couldn’t wait to fulfill the dream.

The two returned recently, visiting nine days in the small country which is located at the southeast tip of the Arabian Peninsula, lying on the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. It is bordered by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. It is the size of Kansas.

Rosie is no stranger to travel, having visited the Holy Land, Germany and Romania twice, Netherlands, cruise through the Panama Canal, mission trip to Guatemala, as well as closer excursions to Alaska and Hawaii.

Upon their arrival Rosie was impressed with the airport at the capital city of Muscat, noting it looked more like a shopping mall, with its many pieces of art and colorful lighting. Muscat is the size of New York City, but 90% of the country’s 5.11 million residents live there, making it a densely urban area.

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