Six selected for All-State

Ogden High School will be sending six vocalists to the Iowa High School Music Association All-State Music Festival Nov. 15-17 at Hilton Coliseum in Ames: Emma Blair (soprano), Garrett Buxton (tenor), Aidan Skalicky (alto), Hannah Dutcher (alto), Bryce Stevens (bass) and alternate Ethan Haberer (bass).

The choir is made up of 600 singers - 150 of each voice part.  Only 11 percent of students audition across the state and 1% of all high school students in Iowa make it into the choir.  Preparation for this event begins in August when the state releases the seven pieces that will be performed at the festival and involves hours of diligent practice. 

Vocalists and instrumentalists traveled to Atlantic Saturday, Oct. 20 where auditions were held for the prestigious festival.

This year’s vocal auditioners were: Blair, Skalicky, Buxton, Stevens, Dutcher, Haberer Abby Bryan, Lennon Schriever, Clair Thede, Lily Hammer, Lance Longhorn, Bryan Woodall, Amber Braniff, Hannah Salati, Mason Will, Justus Rude, Fiona Addy, Maddie Grisham, Carmen Woodall and Stephen Flynn.

Rhett Johnson (trumpet) auditioned for the All-State Band.