South Hamilton holds Dogs scoreless

In anticipation of severe weather, kickoff for Friday night’s game at Jewell was bumped ahead to 5:30. The old-fashioned scrap-in-the-mud scuffle had five minutes to go before lightning forced refs to call the game. Ogden had possession at the time, but even a score at the point would not have made much of a difference.

Once South Hamilton got going, they pounded away all night utilizing the run game. They scored first, and six touchdowns later, walked off the field with a 41-0 shutout.

Ogden showed some life after the break when they came out, held the Hawks on their first possession of the half, and started what would be The Bulldogs’ only true sustained drive of the game. They moved the ball all the way to the eight yard line and were looking to score when South Hamilton broke up a fourth down pass and took over on downs. 

Bulldog quarterback Sam Christensen completed 5 of 13 passes for 40 yards. Ogden’s leading receiver was Lucas Elsner who gained 31 yards on 3 receptions. Aaron McCutcheon had 5 carries for 48 yards.

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