A Sunday morning workout

Ty Heeren, Charlie Lake, Ethan Snedden help clean up the mess left behind from a fast-moving storm that passed through Saturday evening, Sept. 1.

A juice box and donut, and these Bulldogs were good to go. From left, Ty Heeren, Lane Snedden, Ethan Haberer, Isaac Lewiston, Abe Christensen, Noah Kallem, Carter Church, Ben Heeren, Charlie Lake, Griffin Diggs, Collin McCutcheon, Sam Christensen, Jake Kathman, Jack Christensen, Ethan Snedden, Lucas Elsner. -Photos provided

“I’m so done with this weekend,” Annie Lake thought to herself Sunday morning. And the three-day weekend had barely gotten started.

Friday night she watched her beloved Bulldog football team struggle against Woodward-Granger. Then Saturday night she and husband Dan were at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames for the game that will go down in the books as never having taken place. Just five minutes in, lightening forced a delay and eventually the football game was called. 

Driving home was a nightmare with the strong wind and rain. And when they got home, they saw the storm had toppled a tree near their house at 319 NW Third Street. Although the house sustained no damage, seeing the decimated wooden recreation equipment hit Annie hard. Her dad had built it for them. Yes it could be replaced, but for her, it wouldn’t be the same.

Sunday morning, during the daylight hours, they saw the full extent of the damage.

News spreads fast on social media, and son Charlie’s Snap Chat post caught the attention of his football coach Jacob Burger.  Before long, 16 Ogden Bulldogs were at the house with muscle and chain saws, and within two hours, said Annie, their yard was all cleaned up.

“Everyone was awesome,” she said. “Jess and Cory (Christensen) brought their flat bed and hauled it all away. Terry Will came right away, even on a holiday weekend, and restored the knocked down power lines to the garage.” 

With all the extra help, suddenly the project which seemed so overwhelming at first, was handled.

“We always knew how great Ogden was. We feel really fortunate to live in this town. You feel that no matter what you come up against, the community will be there to support you.”