Teachers teaching teachers

Michell Williams. See story for full identification.


Ogden Middle School art teacher Stefanie Rhoads proposed an idea to fellow teacher Mona Satre. “Would you be interested in teaching license renewal classes in Ogden?” she asked.

The two wrote up a proposal utilizing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math- formerly known as STEM) and presented it to the Area Education Association. Inspired by a leaf collection, the classes would focus on linking art and science. Their idea was sent to Drake University for approval.

The local classes were scheduled for June 5 and 6 and June 26 and 27.

Not only do the four full-day classes fulfill a license renewal requirement for current teachers, teachers can earn two graduate credit hours that may help them  later move across the pay scale. “For college students taking the class it is advantageous as there are so few art courses offered at Drake,” says Rhoads.

Ten individuals signed up for the classes, five of which are from the Ogden district.

Melding Satre’s specialty of  science with Rhoad’s art background was their challenge.

But in all reality, just look around, a connection between, science art, math and physics can be seen throughout all of  nature.

As an example, an Italian mathematician introduced the Fibonacci sequence where every number after the first two, is the sum of the preceding ones, ie: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 . . . While these numbers have numerous mathematical applications, they can also be found in biological settings such as branches of trees, a pine cone’s bracts and the fruit sprouts of a pineapple.

Rhoads and Satre worked towards developing a cross/curricular connection between the two areas of study.

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PHOTO ID: Ogden second grade teacher Michelle Williams says she has loved the classes so far. “They’ve been very inspirational and will help me incorporate science and art with other subjects in my classroom.” Ogden is in the process of adopting a new science standard of teaching, NGSS (Next Generation of Science Standard) which takes a three-dimensional approach to K-12 science instruction. Williams shows off her clay tile made during last Monday’s class.