Who knew Ogden had a maternity hospital

Johnson Maternity Hospital

One of our readers stopped in and asked if by chance we had recently (in the past year or so) run a story on a maternity hospital that was located in Ogden. He had been born there, and he was sure there were several from his hometown of Boxholm born there as well. Looking back through our sesquicentennial issues, I found no reference of the hospital. This piqued my interest and when researching, came across this lone photo. Although no date was mentioned, the car pictured may give a clue as to the time frame.

Our reader then reached out to Connie Rudy, a local historian. Rudy thumbed through one of many three-ring binders and produced copies of three articles pertaining to the hospital.


August 11, 1932, The Ogden Reporter announced plans for a hospital here:

“If present plans are carried out, Ogden will have a new maternity hospital in the near future. Miss Ellen Johnson plans to remodel her home on the Lincoln Highway and make it into a modern maternity hospital. Accommodations for eight  to ten patients are planned.”

Read more in the April 19 issue of The Ogden Reporter.