Who were the winners?

    Just shy of 67% of Boone County voters cast ballots in this year’s mid-term election.
    The gubernatorial contest between incumbent Kim Reynolds and Fred Hubbell was tightly contested with results in Boone County mirroring those statewide. Governor Reynolds edged her Democratic opponent Fred Hubbell 50.4% to 47.4%.
    Although Democrat J.D. Scholten garnered more votes within the County, Republican Steve King will maintain his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives for District 4.
    Other winners at the state level included Paul Pate (Rep.), Secretary of State; Rob Sand (Dem.), Auditor of State; Michael Fitzgerald (Dem.), Treasurer of State; Mike Naig (Rep.), Secretary of Agriculture; and Tom Miller (Dem.), Attorney General.
    Republican candidates Phil Thompson and Robert Bacon won seats in the Iowa House of Representatives.
    County offices will be filled by Lauren Novak (Treasurer); Chris Duncan (Recorder); Daniel Kolacia (Attorney); and Stephen Duffy (Board of Supervisors).
    Election results can be found in the Nov. 14 issue of The Ogden Reporter.