YesterBoone 2018 - Youth Edition

Grades 4-8

Date:  September 29th

Time: 10 AM – 4 PM

The Boone County Historical Society appreciated the public’s enthusiastic participation in last year’s first-ever event. Dozens of exhibitors and venues did a wonderful job of showcasing and drawing interest in a wide variety of historical subjects. It sparked the imaginations of adults and children alike while at the same time being the largest single revenue-producing event in BCHS’s 50-year history, realizing $13,000 in sponsorships.

This year, the YesterBoone committee chairs have opted for a downsized YesterBoone event.  The BCHS will host on-site activities for youth which will be held at the Boone History Center.  This youth-focused event will take place on the last Saturday of September.

Activities:  Historical reenactments, art, history presentations, museum scavenger hunt, welcome bags, t-shirts for participants, and a historical lunch at noon, along with historical snack time at 3 o’clock. At 3:30 PM, BCHS will host the YesterBoone youth awards ceremony.

BCHS wants to thank their partners at the United Way of Boone County for this year’s youth programming and educational endeavors. The organization plans to continue youth programming throughout the year based on this initial kick-off event and leading up to next year’s YesterBoone. The BCHS hopes to bring a full YesterBoone event to the area in 2019.